Secondary Schools in Dundee test new changes in timetables. The changes mean the time children finish school will vary on different days.

Here are some local’s views:

1 Lynne Isaacs.JPG“It would be absolutely terrible – it will crucify the working parent. I’m a foster carer with school children at various schools outside of Dundee. It would mean parents will have to come out of work early or the kids would be left at home unsupervised. This would give them more time, up to two hours, to have friends over and get up to mischief. It would be impossible to get out of work for three, it’s unreasonable. They should offer extra activities at the end of the day instead, like team games and compulsory PE.”

Lynne Isaacs, 60, Foster Carer from Broughty Ferry.

2 Paul Anderson.JPG“I’m a Janitor at a school and it makes no difference to me. It would make a difference to the parents as they would need babysitters. When my kids were younger, it was a struggle to get home in time. The extension on some of the days would mean more time for extra school activities so I can see how it might benefit them.”

Paul Anderson, 50, Janitor from Fintry.

3 Lisa Cooney.JPG“It will affect people who work. My child is still in Primary but I wouldn’t be happy if they introduce this before he reaches secondary school. I work Monday to Friday. They changed the hours children finish school in Glasgow in Coatbridge and it confused parents. I’d encourage them to keep to the same hours and they should be set in stone.”

Lisa Cooney, 31, Housing Officer from Broughty Ferry.

4 David Rae.JPG“We had four children who have left secondary now. The timetable change wouldn’t have mattered to us at all. We would still have been able to collect them because our hours were flexible. I used to work as a gardener and my partner in the nursery. Their grandparents were also able to pick them up.”

David Rae, 54, Ex Gardener from Ferry Road.



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