1 Alex McLean.JPG“No, it’s too expensive. Why would someone who is unemployed want private healthcare?

“People with loads of money go for private healthcare.

“It doesn’t offer an improved service as far as I’m concerned.

“It isn’t much better anyway.

“The standard of care is much better now than in the past.

“There’s more research going on and there’s a cure for almost everything.

“I suppose if you have got money you can go ahead and pay for your own healthcare. I don’t mind if they do that.

“It might help reduce the waiting times and there would be less onus on the NHS.

“I’m all for the NHS.”

 Alex McLean, 47, calligrapher from Whitfield.

 2 Murray Anderson.JPG“No, we are all equal and should receive the same NHS treatment.

“Private care is for the rich or those with insurance from their workplace.

“It slows up NHS treatment by it going to the private sector.

“It takes resources away from the NHS because they train up medical staff and then they go off to work privately to make big money. 

“But, it’s their choice where they work and if they get better money working privately.

“It would be good if they stayed to work in the NHS and help to get the queues down.

 “I’m a socialist and I’d stick to using the NHS.”

 Murray Anderson, 61, bus driver from Broughty Ferry.

 3 Patricia Roberts.JPG“No, I would never consider private healthcare.

“I don’t have the money for that kind of thing and I feel the NHS does a very good job.

“I’ve been treated at Ninewells Hospital quite a few times in the past and received very good care every time.

“I’ve never had to wait long for treatment and was cared for very well by the staff.

“Good healthcare should be available to everyone, not just those that can afford it.

“Also, there would probably be no benefit for me at my age to start using private healthcare.

“I’m happy with the work the NHS do.”

Patricia Roberts, 71, retired cleaner from Douglas.

4 Demileigh Whyte.JPG“No, not really because of the cost.

“I’m studying social studies at D&A College at the moment so I don’t have much money.

 “Maybe in a few years I would consider using it if it had better treatments available than the NHS.

 “If private healthcare was all that existed then I would have no choice I would have to use it.

“But that wouldn’t be fair on poor people or all those who couldn’t afford it.

“I had an operation when I was little, when I was only four. I don’t remember much but I know from what I have been told that I was given good care by the national health service.”

Demileigh Whyte, 17, social studies student from Douglas.



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