Nestle has developed a slow release caffeine technique so your morning can give you energy all day. What’s your morning routine?

1 Jackie Fox.JPGI usually hit snooze on the alarm about 40 times. Then I’m in a rush to get out for 6am. I’m up before the kids – but I’m always running late.

Jackie Fox, 40, Barber and Cleaner, Craigiebank.

2 Wilma Drummond.JPGI get up to feed the cats. They’re a couple of gluttons. They’re very vocal and come up to my bed at about 5am.

Wilma Drummond, 65, Retired Office Worker, Blackness Road.

3 Kristen BlackIt’s my 3-month old kitten, Kuros, who first wakes me up with a facial wash. My cats, dog and fish all need breakfast before I have mine. I then have a cup of coffee, fags and prescription medication.

Kristen Black, 41, Finger Print Expert, Broughty Ferry.

4 Colin MooreMy alarm goes and I get up 10 minutes after that. I have a shower to get the body going. It’s up, shower, then work depending on my shift. I have a cup of tea when I get to work.

Colin Moore, 52, Security, Douglas.

5 Scott GraemeI get up quickly after my alarm to shower and have breakfast – usually a hearty porridge. I’m ready in 30 minutes. I’m out before the kids, drive to work and get a coffee there.

Scott Graeme, 34, Civil Engineer, St Andrews.

6 Ciaran RussellI shower first before I do my hair. I have a healthy breakfast and a black coffee. This is embarrassing to admit but it takes me about 40 minutes to get ready. I didn’t have time to style my hair today.

Ciaran Russell, 17, Games Development Student, Stobbie.


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