VisitScotland, showed that only 47% of people in households of two or more sit down as a family to eat dinner every day. We asked when do you have your main meal and who do you eat it with?

1 Teressa Anderson.JPG“I sit down with my husband, daughter and grandchild at 5pm. We eat in the living room using lap dinner trays. It’s good to spend time together and discuss the day.”

Teressa Anderson, 65, Retired Support Worker from Douglas.

2 Samantha Duthie.JPG“About 5pm I sit with my partner and baby in the living room. I cook during the week and my partner who used to be a chef cooks at the weekend. It’s an important time to catch up; I don’t believe people should be on their phones.”

Samantha Duthie, 23, Mum from Douglas.

3 Keshia Cordiner.JPG“I sit with my fiancé at 6 or 7 o’ clock when he gets home from work. I usually cook because he burns everything. Family time is something we value.”

Keshia Cordiner, 26, Disability Allowance from West End.

4 Margaret Young.JPG“I have tea on my own in the kitchen about 6pm. When I had family we always sat together. It was definitely an important time to discuss issues and tell them off if I had to.”

Margaret Young, 80, Retired Clerkess from Broughty Ferry.

5 Bruce Rowe.JPG“Myself and my wife have our main meal at 6pm. We cook and have the occasional take-out at the weekend. I love when our family are up and we have dinner together.”

Bruce Rowe, 65, Food Train Volunteer from West Ferry.

6 Robert Keddie.JPG“I always sit down with my partner and the kids at around 5/6pm. We enjoy cooking but get a take-away as a treat once a month. It’s good to get everyone together.”

Robert Keddie, 25, Marine Engineer from Mid Craigie.


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